Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Project: Teepee

I decided I need to start showcasing all the projects Chito helps me make. I tend to come up with these great ideas...at the last minute. He is so patient and willing to help me though. He is studying to become a mechanical engineer and is so talented in figuring out how to make my ideas a reality. I am lucky that Chito grew up working in his dad's shop. My father-in-law is a wood artisan specializing in custom cabinetry, you can view his amazing work here. He is so nice to let me have his scrap wood, borrow his tools, and give his time to help with my projects as well.

Over the summer we made a teepee! My mom is a 4th grade teacher and decided to make her theme around the curriculum-Utah! The teepee was the perfect addition to complete the classroom look. The kids love it and work hard to earn time to read their books inside.

TIME: 2 hours
(1 hour shaping poles, 1 hour assembling everything)

Poles-Capunay shop
Rope-Capunay shop

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  1. It turned out great! Your mom's classroom looks so cute!